About Keiko Futatsuya

Sashiko Artist / Sashi.Co Director

Keiko Futatsuya is the founder of Sashi.Co, and brand name "Sashi.Co" represent her philosophy toward Sashiko; "to create Sashiko art together, to introduce sashiko to many people. Collaboration."

She is in charge of Sashi.Co production and their design. In addition to the responsibility as artist and director, she is in charge of administrative operations in Japan, such as shipping and handling.

As of 2016, Sashi.Co takes a form of sole proprietorship. She does pretty much everything. 

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She studied tailoring and needle-working in the vocational collage. After her graduation, she had worked in a tailor and clothing shop for several years. Then, she started working in Hida Sashiko after she got married to Yuichi Futatsuya (the 2nd CEO of Hida Sashiko.) 

In Hida Sashiko, regardless of her passion to Sashiko, she was not allowed to be the designer or producer. Instead, she worked as an assistant accountant, a shop clerk, and on other administrative works. After her regular work time, she used her imagination and passion to create her own small pieces, to enjoy Sashiko. She has been living with Sashiko for more than 30 years.

When Atsushi (Yuichi's san - to be the 3rd generation) returned to Hida Sashiko from Tokyo, he suggested to maximize her ability to create one-of-a-kind product. she agreed the idea and Atsushi convinced his father to invest in that. This strategy, mass production to one-of-a-kind, improved the value of Sashiko. Sashiko is originally one-of-a-kind culture since everything is handmade. Why not to maximize that beautiful characteristic?  

Keiko's Sashiko jackets become so popular that they barely stayed in the shelf for more than 180 days.

After Keiko was forced to leave Hida Sashiko, she started her own project, Sashi.Co. with Atsushi's support. 
Keiko is now making her Sashi.Co ( Sashiko ) Jacket with her wonderful talent of Sashiko design. Every Sashiko art pieces is hand-made. She has created her own community (friendship) to help her project ongoing. (She no longer make all the Sashiko product by herself.)  


A side note of her Sashiko work. 
Keiko is interested in techniques of dyeing with natural vegetables(dyes). If you can recall the beautiful Vegetable Dyeing Threads by Hida Sashiko, it was her accomplishment.

In 2015, she tries to reproduce the vegetable dyeing thread and fabric. 
(She succeeded Vegetable Dyeing Thread! Fabrics are coming soon!)

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