March 4, 2015

Sashi.Co Bag 001B

Sashiko Tote Bag #001B


*All Sashiko is done by hand. Tailoring is done by sewing machines manually. We do not have any assembly line.

*This bag is “one-of-a-kind” product. It is not possible to make the “exact” same bag. The similar design and color bag might be available based on Indigo fabric we can get from the market. (However, it will be pretty difficult to get the exact same Indigo fabric because of time it aged.)

*Please read 「Policy, Agreement, and Favors」before your order.

*Our brand name tag will be on the bag (somewhere inside fabric)


【MODEL】:SashiCo Bag #001B

【NAME】:Sashi.Co Tote Bag


【TOP FABRIC】:Indigo Dyed Fabric / Cotton 100%

【LINING MATERIAL】 : Striped Pattern Indigo Dyed Fabri / Cotton 100%

*Indigo Fabric may cause color loss. Please be careful when you wash or use with other cloth.



【Size】:35cm  x 27cm x 5.0cm

*Since these bags are made by hand, the size is describing "about" sizing.

*There is not a plate (thick paper plate) at the bottom of the bag. A gusset of this bag (about 5.0cm) is the length when the bag is on the table.

*You can see the hand-drawing size description (Japanese only.) Please let me know if you have question. I am happy to write you back.





We appreciate the original concept of Sashiko: "The arts(crafts) we use in our daily life are the real beauty of Japanese art." So, Sashi.Co focus on creating products that people can enjoy in their daily life.


By using Indigo fabric, the owner of this bag can enjoy the flow of days, weeks and years. We call it "a bag which ages as you do."


As photos above, Macbook Pro (2011 Late Model) can fit. Also, as a wine lover Keiko, (a) bottle(s) of wine can fit to the bag. They are very useful bags. Keiko creates products which she would love to use in her days. 


You can see the photos of inside of the bag, and back side of the bag.


This model(#001B) has 4 colors (4 patterns) . Please choose from below photos. 


We have only 4 bags.

I am afraid but I need to use this method; "First contact me, first get the bag." I will do my best to update which bag is still here and which is gone. If I receive several contacts within few same hours, I will contact to the first person in my mail box (chronologically.) I don't like it, but I might have to cancel your order (or contact) if bags are sold out. 

*Keiko may sell these bags face to face. In that case, I update the situation as soon as I know the bag is sold out. Thank you for your understandings.


Paypal would be the easiest way to make a transaction.

Once we confirm your information, we will send you a paypal bill of 68.00 USD and 15.oo USD for shipping. (If you are living in South America and South Africa, different shipping fee may be charged. I will let you know in any cases.)

Bags are...

 - 1.SashiCo_Bag_001B-1-WhiteE

 - 2.SashiCo_Bag_001B-2-WhitetoBlueE

 - 3.SashiCo_Bag_001B-3-BluetoWhiteE

 - 4.SashiCo_Bag_001B-4-YamagataE


Please contact Atsushi for the order and/or questions! 

Contact Us



バッグの内面です / Inside look of the bag

バッグの内面です / Inside look of the bag


バッグの裏面です。Back side of the Bag

















Here are some photos of Size Description by Keiko, and the place where Brand Name tag will be stitched to.



Brand Tag will be placed on the top and center parts inside of the bag.


There is no plate at the bottom of bag. 38 cm is the length from the top of the bag to the bottom of the bag when you hang.



The width of string is about 3cm.


手提げの紐の長さは36cmです。斜め線の箇所です。The length of string is 36cm. The part drawn with diagonal line is 36cm

The length of string is 36cm. The part drawn with diagonal line is 36cm.

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