July 1, 2015

Sashi.Co Bag 005B




*All Sashiko is done by hand. Tailoring is done by sewing machines manually. 

*This bag is “one-of-a-kind” product. Please be advised that it is almost impossible to make the “exact” same bag. The bag with similar design and color might be available in future based on materials we can get from the market. (To be honest, it will be very difficult to get the exact same fabric. It is rare and therefore we value it.)

*Please read 「Policy, Agreement, and Favors」before your order.

*Our brand name tag will be on the bag (somewhere inside of the bag)


【MODEL】:SashiCo Bag #005B

【NAME】:Hitome zashi Collection #005B  


【TOP FABRIC】:Various KOFU (Japanese antique fabric) / Cotton 100%

【LINING MATERIAL】 : Indigo Dye fabric with Striped Pattern/ Cotton 100%



  • Height x Width → 28cm  x 32cm
  • Bottom → 8cm (oval shape)
  • Handle → 3.5cm width x 45cm length



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