April 20, 2015

Sashiko Jacket 003A

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SashiCo – #003A

*All Sashiko is done by hand. Tailoring is done by sewing machines manually. We do not have any assembly lines.

*This jacket is "one-of-a-kind" product. It is impossible to make the "exact- same" Jacket. Jackets with the similar design and color might be created based on KOFU (old fabric) in Japanese antique market.

*Please read 「Policy, Agreement, and Favors」before your order or inquiry.

*The size of our model (Keiko) as well as the actual jacket size are described below on this page. Fees for size adjustment are included to the listed price. It will be difficult to make this jacket bigger because of fabrics on our hands (We don't have enough "Old-Fabric" to make the actual jacket bigger.  Please contact us for what we can.

*Our Brand Tag is ready. Once the jacket is adjusted as you would like, the jacket can be yours.

【MODEL】:SashiCo Jacket #003A

【NAME】:Millstone Design "Patch-worked" Jacket in Japanese Short Coat Style

【MATERIAL】: Cotton 100% (Kofu - old fabric)

About Our Sizing Information


*Whew... Finally, I can release information of this jacket. I would say this jacket represent the Keiko's Sashiko Design. I believe nobody can imitate this. Keiko patch-worked many pieces of old fabrics and created the jacket. The process requires incredible design sense of Sashiko and patchworking. This is THE work by Keiko.


It is rare to get the large Kofu (Old Fabric) enough to make a whole jacket. Sashiko artists have difficult time to make a big piece because they cannot get enough good materials especially because pieces of Kofu is pretty small. Sometime it can be a size of our palms. More challenging situation would be a piece of Kofu with 2 meter length but 10cm width. What kind of arts can we make out of these fragments?

Keiko has experience and knowledge to make these fragements into the fantastic big piece of fabric, and create the Jacket. It is more than wonderful, I would say. It is miracle that Keiko bring dead fabric (sometimes piece of junk) to something beautiful and meaningful.


Keiko once said...:

「This jacket might be too powerful to me. It doesn't fit me perfectly, I feel. However, this jacket will shine when "the right person" wear that, I believe. This could be the one for someone who is waiting this jacket.」


*****   *****     *****     ******

Well... I would be quolified to wear this. It won't fit me... as well. I don't have much enough life-experience to make this jacket shine one me. Usually, we as human being choose the cloth. I wonder it might be an interesting idea if a Jacket choose the person to be worn.


Here are three close-up photos.

Enjoy the harmony of Sashiko and beautiful pieces of Old Fabric (which used to be a just piece of fabric.)


The front of the Jacket. In Collar, Keiko use a valuable  piece of KOFU. The KOFU and its combination is so cool.



The photo of front around belly. Straight stitches meet circle stitches. You can also see many kinds of fabrics Keiko used.


The photo of the back side around shoulder. Keiko of course never neglect Sashiko and Kofu Patch-working even on the back. They are so beautiful as a unified piece.

SashiCo_Jacket_003A-A SashiCo_Jacket_003A-B SashiCo_Jacket_003A-C

#003A – Detail



(Model - Keiko's size)

【HEIGHT】: About 169 cm

【BUST 】: About 90 cm


(Jacket #003A Size)

【SHOULDER WIDTH】: About 56 cm

【BUST (one side)】: About 60 cm / (double the number to measure the size for bust size)

【HEM WIDTH】: About 67 cm

【YUKI LENGTH(*1)】: About 72 cm

【LENGTH】:About 96 cm

【SLEEVE】: About 42 cm

【WRISTBAND】: About 48 cm


*1 : YUKI LENGTH is the measure used in Japanese sizing chart. It is the length from "the center point of a seam of back collar" through "the point of top shoulder" to "the end of sleeve."

*Please refer the page "About the size of Jacket" to see how each measure indicates the parts of jackets.



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