April 9, 2015

Sashiko Jacket 005A

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SashiCo – #005A



*All Sashiko is done by hand. Tailoring is done by sewing machines manually. We do not have any assembly lines.

*This jacket is "one-of-a-kind" product. It is not possible to make the "exact- same" Jacket. Jackets with the similar design and color might be created based on KOFU (old fabric) or other fabric in Japanese antique market.

*Please read 「Policy, Agreement, and Favors」before your order or inquiry.

*The size of our model (Keiko) as well as the actual jacket size are described below on this page. Listed Price include the Fee for size adjustment. It will be difficult to make this jacket bigger because of available fabrics on our hands (We don't have enough "Old-Fabric" to make the actual jacket bigger.  Please contact us for what we can.)

*Our Brand Tag is ready. Once the jacket is adjusted as you would like, the jacket can be yours.


【MODEL】:SashiCo Jacket #005A

【NAME】:RYU Antique Jacket

【MATERIAL】: Kofu dyed in "Tsutsugaki" method (more than 40 years old fabric)

About Our Sizing Information


* Keiko could get the fine antique fabric. The fabric is dyed in method called "Tsutsugaki-some." We estimate this fabric is more than 40 years old. Some parts of fabric were worn out, but fixing and making fabric stronger are what Sashiko is all about. Keiko used Dragon (Ryu) part and made a nice jacket by patch-working many kinds of fabric. 

* To fix the fabric, to make it stronger, and to make it more beautiful, some Sashiko is on the picture of dragon.

* Keiko didn't put any buttons on purpose. She thought they might interrupt its character as art.  This is a jacket. And this is also a piece of art, we believe.

(About Tsutsugaki-some)

Tsutsugaki (筒描) is a Japanese technique of resist dyeing that involves drawing rice-paste designs on cloth,dyeing the cloth, and then washing off the paste. (Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutsugaki)



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005A – Detail



(Model - Keiko's size)

【HEIGHT】: About 169 cm

【BUST 】: About 90 cm


(Jacket #005A-RYU Size)

【SHOULDER WIDTH】: About 49 cm

【BUST (one side)】: About 54 cm / (double the number to measure the size for bust size)

【HEM WIDTH】: About 70 cm

【YUKI LENGTH(*1)】: About 73 cm

【LENGTH】:About 79 cm

【SLEEVE】: About 48 cm

【WRISTBAND】: About 43 cm



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