May 1, 2015

Sashiko Jacket 006A

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SashiCo – #006A


*All Sashiko is done by hand. Tailoring is done by sewing machines manually. We do not have any assembly lines.

*This jacket is "one-of-a-kind" product. It is impossible to make the "exact-same" Jacket. Jackets with the similar design and color might be produced depending on KOFU (old fabric) availability in Japanese antique market.

*Please read 「Policy, Agreement, and Favors」before your order or inquiry.

*The size of our model (Keiko) as well as actual jacket size are described below on this page. Fees for the size adjustment is included to the listed price. It will be difficult to adjust this jacket bigger because of fabrics we have left. Please contact us so we can check its availability.

*Our Brand Tag is ready. Once the jacket is adjusted as you would like, the jacket can be yours.



【MODEL】:SashiCo Jacket #006A

【NAME】:Standcollar Jacket / Millstone Design Collection

【MATERIAL】: Cotton 100% (Kasuri Kofu - old fabric)


* Sashi.Co Jacket #006A has the same concept from Sashi.Co Jacket #001A. The Millstone design collection is one of Keiko's Sashiko challenge to express the image of three-dimensional depth on fabric. In order to achieve this challenge she implemented unique and original methods. 

  1. She uses three different kinds of Kasuri old fabric. By implementing various kinds of fabric by patch-working, she succeeded to express the three-dimensional image with Millstone design.
  2. She uses two similar but different kind of color to accomplish the challenge. It helps to express the three-dimensional image.
    1. One is Natural Vegetable Dyed Thread - #002 with Japanese Nutgall.
    2. The other is Sashi.Co original color thread - T1 Beige color.

* The color of lining fabric is dark red (Wine Red). In Japanese, it is called "Enji" red.


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*About Kasuri Fabric


#006A – Detail

(Model - Keiko's size)


Our Sizing Information

【HEIGHT】: About 169 cm

【BUST 】: About 90 cm


(Jacket #006A Size)

【SHOULDER WIDTH】: About 45 cm

【BUST (one side)】: About 62 cm 

(double the number to measure the size for bust size)


【HEM WIDTH】: About 62 cm

【YUKI LENGTH(*1)】: About 74 cm

【LENGTH】:About 73 cm

【SLEEVE】: About 50 cm

【WRISTBAND】: About 33 cm


*1 : YUKI LENGTH is the measure used in Japanese sizing chart. It is the length from "the center point of a seam of back collar" through "the point of top shoulder" to "the end of sleeve."

*Please refer the page "About the size of Jacket" to see how each measure indicates the parts of jackets.

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