September 22, 2016

Sashiko Workshop in NYC

We are happy to announce that Sashi.Co presents a Sashiko workshop in NYC! Atsushi proudly

Atsushi proudly share with his Sashiko experience. You will learn how to do Sashiko, with a round thimble and a long needle.


All of the seats for the workshop is sold out! I appreciate the interest in Sashiko and us. Please subscribe our newsletter to get further information regarding Sashiko workshop in future. We may have another one somewhere in USA.




I am behind of updating all the activities.

We are ready to announce the new color by botanical (vegetable/herb) dye. We have several Sashiko/Boro pieces about to make its debut.


We will come back and update more.

First, Atsushi will do his best at the Sashiko workshop in NYC.


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