April 29, 2015

BORO x Sashiko x Neko x Brooch





Keiko sincerely appreciate the KOFU fabric: I mean it.


Keiko made a small cat stuffed doll. She couldn't waste the fabric she loved.

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(Writer: Atsushi) 

While I was writing a product description for Sashi.Co, a question popped up my mind. 

I asked Keiko;

"When you finish the product (jacket), don't you have a lot of Kofu fabric which no longer necessary for your project? What do you do with these unnecessary fabric? I love our Sashi.Co concept that we recycle the old fabric and reproduce the cloth again. What do you do with these fabric, especially those with Sashiko on already?"



She answered with smile:

"There are no such a thing as unnecessary fabric. Even if I finish the jacket, we never know when we need the piece of fabric; no matter how small it is. In other case, someone else might need the fabric. Therefore, I quite barely throw away the fabric I bought or received. I have it because I love the fabric."

"In addition to that, when I happen to have a very small piece of fabric with Sashiko on, I try to make a cat stuffed doll. I make an apron for the cat doll out of the fabric, which could be too small to sell or give away to someone."



A cat stuffed dall? An apron??

I didn't know she makes a cat stuffed doll to recycle the extremely small piece of the old fabric. She makes an apron out of old fabric, and make a cat stuffed doll, which is the size of Japanese 10 yen coin. (About the size of 25¢ of USD>)




……why didn't you tell me earlier?? 🙂


I think the stuffed doll with the Sashiko Apron could be a good product to introduce what Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya is. I told her if it is ok to start marketing it on this website.


She answered;

"Of course it is OK to sell online if anyone would like to have. Why don't we put a pin so they can wear it on the jacket like a brooch. Speaking of the price, if we try to cover the cost, the brooch will be too expensive for a semi-cute cut stuffed doll. Can you set the price for this, the price which customer might want to have, Atsushi?"



She had started making it even before the website release (in 2014), she already have more then 10 of these brooches. First, I thought of novelty good to promote Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya... but they are all hand-made and we have only 10 of these. So I decided to offer this with single digit price (less then $10) .


* We will ship it in the envelop with regular air mail via Japan Postel service. It may take a week or more to get to there (It depends on where you live.) If you would like to purchase other product from Sashi.Co, we can enclose this brooch in the package without extra fee. In that case, please select the payment with [enclosing] option.


It is a small product. However, it is the Sashi.Co Brand Cat Stuffed Doll. Every brooches are all hand-made, and they are all one-of-a-kind product.


The facial expression of the doll differ one by one.

The apron she makes is one-of-a-kind, and never be able to make the same one again.


The price goes up by sorting all the photos and information online, we decided to send this brooch without introducing the photo of actual product. By purchasing it, you will get somewhat similar to the photo you see on this page. However, the product will have a different facial expression and different apron. It will be random. I just ask you to trust Keiko that she will send you the best one she has at that moment. 


We can have your request as well although I cannot promise we can do as you request. Please write me what kind of cat stuffed doll you would like to have when you place the order.





【Number】: BORONEKO 001PE

【Name】:BORO Cat Brooch

【Size】:Please refer to the photo above, the size of the 10 yen coin. The 10 yen coin is little bit smaller than 25 ¢ coin.


* Keiko will choose the pattern or type of Kofu Fabric Apron, and stuffed doll's face randomly. 

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