Tool and Materials

Sashiko Thimble and Needles

Thimble and Needles for Sashiko purpose. Sashiko thimble and needles   We often receive inquiries regarding thimble and needles we use for sashiko. It is very important to have the best equipment to maximize Sashiko experience. Good quality thimble and needles will improve the efficiency of stitching and reduce the frustration.   Keiko uses an […]

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Sashiko x Indigo Dye Fabric

Sashiko and Indigo Dye Fabric are closely related. In other word, I would say that Sashiko and Indigo Dye Fabric have an affinity for each other.     What kind of images do you have in your mind when you hear the word of Sashiko? Isn’t the image of “Deep Blue Indigo Fabric and white stitches with […]

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