January 26, 2015

FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions.

The FAQ (As of January 6th, 2015)

Are the jackets only available by what is in stock or are they produced by order? Also what are the price range of Jacket?


All Jackets on the website are for sale. At the same time, we can try to produce the jacket by order and customer’s preferences. We use “KOFU (Old Japanese Fabric)” to make the Jacket to make it “One of a kind” jacket. Therefore, we might need to ask customers to have plenty of time for us to produce. (We need to find the right fabric for customer’s need.)

The price of the Jacket will be shown once the product page is complete to share. The jacket prices will range between $1,800 to $5,000 as our estimation at this moment. Price of Jacket by the order can be adjusted by several factors such as fabric, Sashiko stitches, and amount of special Kofu we use.

*One point we want customers to understand. We value Japanese old fabric as our core value to produce “one of a kind” jacket in the world. Therefore, it will be very difficult to produce something identical from previous jackets, or completely match our jackets to customer’s need. We will do our best to understand customer’s preference, and try to find the best match fabric.

Are they “one size fits all” or tailored by order?


The model (Keiko)’s size is the standard size of llisted Jacket. Her hight is about 167cm and regular size women. It is possible to make the jacket smaller from the size above. Please consult me with the size so we can give you the options.

The price doesn’t include the size adjusting fee. It is difficult to make it bigger, but we will see what we can do. Please contact us for more detail for each jacket.

Here is a blog entry for the size of our jackets. →「About the size of jackets

Are they only available for local Japanese buyers?


No, of course not. They are available for every personal all over the world.

Should I be contacting KEIKO for this information?


Please contact Atsushi since Keiko doesn’t read / write English. I will translate every communication between customers and her so they can get completely satisfied.

I will update more FAQ so everyone can understand the process of our project. Thank you very much for your interests.

For more FAQ regarding the shopping, please refer to the article here.

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