January 31, 2015

About the size of Jackets




We believe it is important to explain the size of jackets. On our web site, we share the length or width of 7 categories below.



*【BUST】 indicates only one side of size. If you double the number, it will be the right size to see if your bust will fit. The model has the bust size of 90 cm.


We will adjust the jacket to your favorite size. It is our purpose that you could describe the image of our jacket in your mind by seeing our photos and its size.


Also, here are the size of actual model, Keiko.

【HEIGHT】: 169 cm   __   (661732in)

【BUST】: 90 cm    __   (35716in)


Each 【Length or Width】are explained on either drawing above or photos below. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to share more information if necessary.






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