February 14, 2017

Thread Update, Sashiko update and more UPDATE!!

How is your Sashiko life?

Thank you for visiting Sashi.Co website in English.

We have so many updates to share. It has been a long time since I updated this website… it is challenging to keep updating the web while being a stay at home father… well, enough for an excuse.


Sashi.Co Sashiko Collection 2016~2017


The detail such as sizing and pricing will come out accordingly. They are our collection from 2016 and in the process of making it for 2017.


Natural Dyed Sashiko Thread is available now.




The first collection in 2017 for our most-popular Natural (Botanical) Dyed Sashiko thread is available online. Visit our online store for the details. Get them when you felt like it. The stock is limited for some colors.


We have more updates and advertising coming up. Since Atsushi will have more free time during weekdays, for at least a few hours, we will keep updating the latest events, information, and much more!




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