January 29, 2015

【ENG】Vegetable Dyed Threads #001-#006



Sashi.Co is a sole proprietorship established by Keiko, who is a great designer and producer in Sashiko. Her mission is to enjoy producing Sashiko jackets and accessories.


Keiko has the aspect of artisan. She doesn’t compromise to what she wants to make.

As a result of her personality, she started “making” the color for Sashiko threads when she couldn’t find the colors. There were no colors she visualized in threads collection which supplier provided to her.


Dyeing thread was not an easy challenge.

After repeating mistakes and adjustments, she finally finalize the products, the Natural Vegetable Dyed thread which will meet her standard and customer’s satisfaction.

It is so amazing to announce this news. How exciting it is that she can provide you “natural dyed” threads with beautiful colors.

*Many processes of dyeing are her secret (intellectual properties.) However, Atsushi is willing to introduce how she makes these beautiful colors “by hands.” Let us have time to decide what we can share on website.



Natural Vegetable Dyed threads in Jan 2015.(#001-#006)



* Our threads (both natural dyed and chemical dyed) are available online. Visit our online store.

→Keiko’s Shop (https://sashico.stores.jp/


*The colors on web (on screen) may be different from the actual color. I do my best to adjust them by editing them (with a Macbook) to look like the actual threads.
*You can order the samples. (We hoped to provide it free… but please understand that only 15 skeins will be available and we cannot provide sample free.)

*We will ship you about 3 meter or more of sample threads among natural dyed threads we have left in stock. We make the sample book after the order has been processed. Please accept that it will take few business days to ship it. All of that is available on our online store. (link is above)



【#001 – Western Madder C  / #005 – Western Madder】

Light (Soft, kind) Pink will impress you for sure.

#001 - 西洋茜C

#001 -Western Madder C

#005 - 西洋茜

#005 – Western Madder


【#002 -Japanese Nutgall】


#002 - 五倍子

#002 – Japanese Nutgall


【#003 – Tangara C /#004 -Tangara】

This thread is dyed with same vegetable, Tangara.

The color changes this radically when we change the dyeing environment. It makes natural dye so difficult because a small mistake of creating the exact environment can end up with failing… Enjoy the beautiful miracles.


#003 - タンガラC

#003 – Tangara C

#004 - タンガラ

#004 – Tangara



【#006 -Myrobalan F】


#006 - ミロバランF

#006 – Myrobalan F





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