#005A _ RYU (SashiCo Jacket)

Sashiko Jacket with antique KOFU with Tsutsugaki-zome dyeing method. Keiko bring fabric with more than 40 years history back to 2015.

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HITOMEZASHI Sashiko Jacket with Kofu. Detailed and fine hand-stitching all over the jacket.

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#007A _ Bag HITOMEZASHI Collection

Using Japanese Antique Fabric, KOFU, with Hitomezashi Sashiko. Unique and exclusive bags are available.

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Sashi.Co Brand Collection

We offer Sashiko related products: Jackets, Bags, Accessories, and materials to enjoy Sashiko such as thread and fabric.

Vegetable Dyed Thread

We dye our special thread with natural herb (vegetable). The hand-dyeing adds exclusive color to thread. We may be able to create the same color in future, but basically it is one-of-a-kind (20 skeins per dyeing pot) thread.

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Various Sashiko Pieces

Keiko’s primary passion is creating jackets. Also, our concept “Design ‘it’ by Sashiko” can fall into other accessories besides jackets. Keiko’s flexible Sashiko design is awesome.

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Threads Available Online

You can get our threads (either natural herb dye or regular) anywhere in the world with flat fee shipping.
They are specially designed for Sashiko stitching purpose. We are confident in quality because we use them everyday.

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Here is the latest Information release from Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya. To view individual product, please go to "Collection" page.

Sashi.Co Team

Sashi.Co is a brand name for Sashiko products by Keiko Futatsuya. Keiko is in charge of art direction and its production. We can maintain Sashi.Co thanks to our friends, family members, and supporters who help continuously. Here is introduction of our great team.

Keiko Futatsuya

A wonderful Sashiko artist, and also a good director to make Sashiko art pieces. Keiko is the founder of Sashi.Co, and products named Sashi.Co represent her philosophy of Sashiko.

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Atsushi Futatsuya

In charge of PR, the public relations such as creating website and SNS activities.
He is happy that he can introduce what Sashiko is to the world, which has been his dream since 2008.

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Sashi.Co Concept