Upcycle Stitches & Atsushi Futatsuya

Sashiko information in English is available in Upcycle Stitches Website.

Policy in Purchase

We ask previous customers to agree few favors before deciding their purchase in Sashi.Co store.

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Some of the Frequent Asked Questions are listed here. Please contact us if you have more questions.

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Jacket Size

We make Jackets based on Japanese sizing. Please make sure the size of your favorite jacket before purchase.

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Visiting Hida Takayama?

Contact Us for opportunities of meeting Keiko Futatsuya and seeing our products with your own eyes.

Latest Posts

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Sashiko Workshop in NYC

We are happy to announce that Sashi.Co presents a Sashiko workshop in NYC! Atsushi proudly Atsushi proudly share with his Sashiko experience. You will learn how to do Sashiko, with a round thimble …

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Sashiko Thimble and Needles

Thimble and Needles for Sashiko purpose. Sashiko thimble and needles   We often receive inquiries regarding thimble and needles we use for sashiko. It is very important to have the best equipment to …

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Introduction to Sashiko

Sashiko in Sashi.Co  There are few opinions about the origin of Sashiko, However, I could find the point in common which every kinds of Sashiko share.  "Sashiko originated from the idea of strengthe…

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