Sashi.Co Thread for Your SASHIKO Project

We know the best for Sashiko because we do it everyday

Thread for Sashiko

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya practice Sashiko everyday. We make variety of Sashiko products which require different color of thread.

Vegetable Dyeing

Keiko dye Sashiko thread by natural vegetables.
Kofu (Old – Antique fabric) goes well with natural color, but Keiko couldn’t find the soft color she wanted in regular Sashiko thread.

She studied very hard. She kept trying and fixing errors.
Now we have original Sashiko thread dyed by natural vegetable. She can only dye 20 skeins per pod (one trial), and she uses some of the thread for her Sashi.Co product.

Only 10 or 15 skeins will be available each time, but I believe they are so beautiful that any Sashiko practitioner would enjoy.

Price is $10.89〜.
Flat Shipping and handling Fee for $15.00 to most places in the world.(besides South America and Africa. please ask us for detail)

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Sashi.Co (Coron) Thread

Sashiko is consisted by three important elements.

1. Good Fabric
2. Good Thread
3. Good tools (needle and thimble) and hand to use the tools.

Originally, the Japanese did Sashiko on the torn out “cotton 100% fabric” like indigo dyed fabric. Nowadays, we can use any kinds of fabric such as hemp or silk.

Good quality needle and thimble are also important to enjoy Sashiko efficiently. There are variety of choices by your need.

Good thread is essential to the best result. Too thin thread will not make a good pattern, and too thick thread will also end up with destroying the patterns.

Our Sashi.Co (Coron) thread is specially designed for Sashiko. They are 8 thin strings stranded into one thread (yarn.) It looks like 4 thicker strings stranded into one.

99% of our Sashi.Co produce are made from these Sashi.Co thread (including vegetable dyeing thread). We are happy to offer one of the best Sashiko thread to you.

Choice of Mono-color, variegated-color, and our original color. Price range start from $6.99 to $8.90.

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