Sashiko | 刺し子

Sashiko isn’t about making one perfect stitch.
It is about enjoying the dialogue to the fabric.

Sharing the traditional Japanese Sashiko.

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What Sashiko can do

Hand-stitching pieces that can surprise the world. Don't get overwhelmed. It is the accumulation of enjoyable stitching after all.

Wearable Sashiko Art

Bringing the old (vintage | unused) fabric to the new life by adding some Sashiko stitches.

Sashiko to the world

Learn Sashiko from Keiko’s son, Atsushi. He shares Sashiko online class as well as some free online tutorials.

Learn Sashiko in English

The best Sashiko supply for you

We provide the best Sashiko supply, threads, and fabric, for your Sashiko project, based on 35+ years of experience in Sashiko.

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