Sashiko Collection 2018 ~

We mainly work on the back-order (made to custom) as of now. Here are some Sashiko pieces we have created in the last 5 years

SJ Keiko Jacket 1
SJ Sashiko Jacket 18'

The biggest work in 2018. 11 months of work. All hand-stitched and patchworked into one piece. According to the client, it is “wearable fine art.”

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Sashiko Coat 18'

Traditional patterns all over with Keiko’s taste. Finished as the coat style.

Sashiko Line Jacket 17'

As simple as just squares and straight line, yet combining the simple stitches can make so interesting Jacket.

Hitomezashi Bag 18'

Very popular bag from Keiko’s collection. We had about 12 of them in 2016, and all sold out. We came up with one in 2018.

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Otsuchi Jacket 17'

Created with collaborating to the Tsunami survivors in Otsuchi. It is our pride to continue supporting them and creating a beautiful Jacket.

Otsuchi Sashiko Project
Hitomezashi Scarf

Not only a big piece like a Jacket, we try to apply Sashiko’s beauty in our ordinary days.

Boro Jacket 17'

Boro is a result of repetitive Sashiko stitching and wearing it in ordinary days. We try to recreate the Boro in this age.